INSPIRE review meeting in Prague

INSPIRE consortium has successfully passed a review held in Prague.

INSPIRE project aims to establish world-first platform combining low-loss waveguides with InP actives to sustain Europe’s industrial leadership in photonics and strengthen manufacturing by enabling low-cost assembly of InP, Si/SiN through micro-transfer printing.

The Partners have made significant advances in designing novel devices and gained many learnings for their future industrial-scale processing. INSPIRE’s ambition is to pave the way for accelerated market uptake of the developed technology, through the ecosystem comprising JePPIX, ePIXfab, and PhotonixFAB.

To validate the technology, the building block capabilities will be demonstrated in three applications requiring circuit level functios far beyond state of the art of any individual wafer scale technology:

  • Fiber sensor readout
  • Microwave photonic engine
  • Optical switch matrix

In the upcoming months, the consortium will receive InP devices and proceed with wafer-scale micro-transfer printing. Demonstrators will be showcased in spring 2025.